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Saturday, September 09, 2006



All women should empower themselves with safety tips/information.
Always use your common sense and TRUST YOUR INSTINCT, it's there for a reason. If a situation is uncomfortable then get out of there as quickly as possible. Here you will find some general safety and self defence information to better arm yourself in the event of attack. DON'T THINK IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU

Awareness is half the battle"

Many attackers will look for vulnerable women especially in vulnerable places- For example, easier targets to overpower would be women talking on mobiles/ looking through handbags/ wearing headphones while jogging etc..

Many abductions occur in shopping centre and work car parks/ underground carparks. Hitch-hiking is also not recommended..

Fact: A high percentage of rape victims knew their attacker.

Element Of Self Preservation

Always be aware of your surroundings, and WHO is in them. TRUST YOUR GUT FEELINGS.

If you must defend yourself, do so aggressively.

There are NO RULES in a fight for survival. Only prizefighters and people killed in the street try and fight with rules.


Targets: Pick the easiest and the weakest. THE EYES. THE GROIN. ANYWHERE ON THE NECK but especially THE THROAT.

Strike hard, fast, and strike through the target. Then do it again and again and again.

Do not stop striking until the attacker runs away, you can get away safely, or the authorities arrive.
ANYTIME an attacker puts his hands on you in any way, he is exposing SOMETHING.

Learn to look for what is exposed and attack it. Then find the next opening and attack it.
REPEAT until you can get home safely. Your goal is not to injure, maim, or kill...IT IS TO MAKE IT HOME ALIVE. That is all that matters.

Always... have a back up plan. If you carry a gun, carry a back up or another weapon...i.e. anything can break, and usually does when you need it most. (Murphey's Law)...If one tactic, tool, or target choice doesn't work try another and so on until you get to leave alive.

EVERYTHING IS A WEAPON. There are 3 types of weapons. Impact, cutting, and weapons of distraction. If you can't hurt them with it, throw it in their face and use the micro second of distraction to attack.

Use you hands, elbows, knees, feet...headbutt, bite, spit, and scream. If you want grace, do ballet. If you want to look pretty, join a pageant. If you want to survive a violent assault, do whatever it takes.

Keep it simple and vicious ...Complicated, fancy, and honorable are for fight
tournaments and Karate movies.

Fight strength to weakness not strength to strength. If you are a lady, don't try and fist fight with a man, odds are that will be your strength vs his strength and most of the time men are just stronger...that's not sexist, just a physical fact. Strength to weakness is your fingers in his eyes. Your fist in his throat. Your foot in his groin or kneecap. Strength to weakness.

Never ever rely on PAIN to stop a violent attacker. Some people do not respond to pain for various reasons. You must incapacitate...i.e. take away his ability to continue the assault. Example would be...tearing out his eyeball or shattering his kneecap. If he can't see, walk, or breathe he can't keep coming after you.


NEVER go to a secondary location with an individual you suspect will cause you harm. Predators remove would be victims in order to separate them “from the herd”.

No witnesses, and no one to stop them during their assault. Even if he has a gun trained on you...DO NOT go. Fight if no other option. People who go to secondary locations are at the greatest risk of being killed.

NEVER go walking or jogging wearing loud headsets. Not only should you be able to see your need to be able to hear them as well.

NEVER forget you have the option of saying...”NO”. If you are not comfortable allowing someone in your home or car, or even to be around you...YOU CAN SAY NO.

NEVER let the thought of a rapist dictate to you what you can wear. Provocative clothing may “excite” a man, but it will never make a decent man rape you. Rape is more about power than sex.

The Mind-Your Primary Defensive Tool

One of the Key Elements in security and self defence is a good mindset. It is also in the mind where the battle is usually won and lost...the body is just the stage on which this battle is played out. You must have the proper mindset to SURVIVE.

Don't let fear control you. Trust your intuition. Fight strategically.

It is in your mind where the battle for survival is won or lost. You must have the survival mindset...the attitude that you will survive the attack. You must turn fear into determination to stay alive. 90% of Self Defence is in the mind...10% is physical. Wars are won and lost in the battlefield of the mind.

You must decide that you will not be a victim...that you will do any and everything you can to make it home alive. You must understand that in a violent assault you will get hurt...then you must get over it! Wounds will heal...death will not.

You must constantly be alert and aware of your surroundings to avoid being in a bad situation in the first place. However sometimes even the most alert person may find themselves in a bad predicament. You must then maintain your survive. Trust your "gut feelings" your intuition...these are not supernatural or psychic responses...they are subprograms your brain constantly runs concerning the normal and not so normal behavior of others. If someone gives you the "creeps" there is a reason for it...just because you cannot "put your finger on it"...does not mean there is not a problem. Your subconcious has picked up on something that is abnormal...HEED your intuitive warnings.

A weapon without the brain is just a paperweight...any tactic without the proper mindset will fall to either luck or disaster...and neither of these can be counted on to keep you alive.

The mind is your greatest self defensive weapon. Always have it with you!

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Gattina said...

My godness what an instruction book do you keep this with you all the time and read it before being attacked ? If you see always the worst then it's quite normal that it happens. A good weapon is just a hairspray or some other spray against spiders e.g. that doesn't look like a weapon but does help. In the meantime I wish you that you don't have to applicate all these ideas crossing your mind !

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